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You want to be the smartest molder you can be and know the bottom line. The variety of injection-molding machines offered makes the choice difficult. Haitian Machinery Company offers you the best solution for today's injection molding. It's the smart, simple, economical choice.


The HTW series IMMs delivers the latest technologies with the global competitive edge. Each machine includes a second pump used to activate two core-pulls, four air-valves and ejection on the fly. This is a great benefit for molding various applications. Haitian IMMs are designed to make money for your pocket. It means you're not molding to pay for another person's name. Wouldn't that feel good for once?


HTW series means just that there is one for everyone. The integrated offer includes all the options you may need for most purposes. Sound familiar? A purpose for every pocket is a principal that Henry Ford showed us in the automobile industry.


In Webster's dictionary economical means “marked by careful, efficient and prudent use of the resources”. For Haitian, economical means the best ratio of investment return for the molders by using the assembly lines to produce injection-molding machines under the guide of ISO 9001. More than 30% of the money you save on the premiums can reduce more than 2/3 of the payment time you had experienced, if you have HTW IMMs. In competition, you are protected from financial hardship. It's what the latest technologies are for. With the 3 year/1year comprehensive warranty, you can save even more.


People don't often know what injection molding machine can offer them until they use it. Knowing what questions to ask can help you more thoroughly assess a machine before you buy.

Q. How do I find a machine with the latest technologies in the world and the most competitive cost?

A: The most competitive market in the World is always within the biggest manufacture center of the world. Check out which machine is the number one seller in the most competitive market. It should be the one that offers the latest technologies with the most competitive cost.

Q. How can I know which company will support the market well for the years to come?

A. You have to check the infrastructure of each company and their profitability in the last few years. Stick with the winner and you are more likely to be serviced properly. Without financial support, promises will not last. Common sense is always a good guide. Choose the winner, not the loser.

Q. I often encounter a “catch 22” as the best machines have a longer delivery time and yet the order I received does not allow me time to wait for the right machine to come. What should I do?

A.  The life time of any hydraulic machine is more than 20 years. It is better to get the right machine for your processes and not just any one that can be quickly delivered. You can plan well ahead with your customer or you can contract out for the time being.

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