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The HT line of Horizontal, five point toggle injection molding machines cover a range from 100 tons to 3000 tons of clamping force, with barrel capacities from 4 ounces to 1110 ounces. Drawing the expertise from China, Canada, Germany, Japan and USA, these machines know the best value machine for general-purpose injection molding.

  • Siemens Siject Series Controller
  • CI16DP-TP270 Module
  • 12" TFT Color Touch Screen
  • PID barrel temperature control with self-optimization function
  • Up to 6 steps for injection, holding and charging
  • Close-loop control for injection speed, holding pressure, screw rotation and back-pressure
  • Auto calendar start-heating system
  • Graphic display of injection, holding and charging setting vs. actual
  • Oil pre-heating function
  • Production process monitoring
  • Multi-level password protect function
  • Metric and Standard Units changeable online
  • Robot interface (SPI or Euromap 12)
  • CF Card Supported
  • USB printer interface
  • Hot runner control (Option)
  • Remote diagnosis by modem

The HTW series machines offer a large range of injection capacities with accurate 10 stages control. Type A, B and C screws can be selected for different injection capacities. The use of high-resolution linear displacement transducer (0.0394 inches) ensures total repeatability of injection performance. Hydraulic screw motor transmits drive to nitride screw to ensure optimum performance and long life with a wide range of materials. Twin-carriage movement cylinders reduce structural stress.


  • 6 (six) injection speed profile and 6 (six) holding pressure profile.
  • 3 (three) witches over mold: Position, Time and Pressure
  • 3 (three) charging steps including 10 (ten) back-pressure digitally control
  • Suck back in two stages
  • Screw speed indication on screen by means of rotary encoder
  • Screw produced using high-precision CNC thread grinder to achieve strong plasticising
  • capacity and homogenous mixing
  • Graphic display for injection speed hold pressure
  • Barrel heat shield
  • Steel hopper with material shut-off mounted on robust, sliding base for easy emptying
  • Water channels to cool barrel throat section
  • Increased plasticising efficiency and ease of barrel purging by using precision-honed barrel.
  • Injection and back-pressure are indicated on gauges and screen.
  • A high-torque hydraulic motor.
  • The toggle mechanism is a proven 5-point design that provides efficient and reliable movement. Harden steel pins and bushings are lubricated by a fully automatic alarmed system.
  • Automatic hydraulic mold-height adjustment is driven by a planetary gear system via the controller to ensure fast and constant settings.
  • The heavy-duty platens are made of ductile iron casting and available with either T-slots or screw holes (SPI). The high-tensile tie bars are made of quality steel harden chromed for long life span.
  • Faster opening/closing without hydraulic shock.
  • Smooth opening and closing design
  • Precise stopping positions.
  • High-speed clamping
  • Low-pressure mold protection
  • Linear transducer for clamp stroke control.
  • Moving platen supported on precision adjustable sliding shoes.
  • Mold setup switch giving low-speed mold opening and closing.
  • Safety guard with mechanical electrical and hydraulic interlock.
  • Complete hydraulic core pulling controls (speed & pressure) with double manifold block.
  • Two core pull programs with limit switch or timer confirming signals.
  • Using world-renowned hydraulic pumps from Vickers (USA), Yuken, or Haitian's hydraulics system offers reliability, efficiency and accuracy in a super-quiet environment.
  • Hydraulic motors are from SAI (Italy) or STAFFA (England) to ensure supreme reliability. SAI motors are used on injection molding machines up to 480 ton while STAFFA motors are employed in all larger capacity machines.
  • All proportional and directional valves are either Yuken or Vickers.
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Digital setting of machine speeds and pressures.
  • System pressure gauge.
  • Hydraulic guard interlock (front and back)
  • Oil temperature and malfunction alarms.
  • Oil level gauge.
  • Oil cooler

  • 24V DC solenoids to prevent burn-out.
  • Independent core in/out pressure and speed.
  • Hydraulic unscrewing sequence.
  • Self-diagnostic function.





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  • Machine includes central hydraulic ejector with adjustable speed, pressure and stroke facility for multiple ejection.
  • Linear transducer for ejector stroke control twin air-blast (Standard).
  • PID temperature control via microprocessor controller.
  • Nozzle temperature control.
  • On-screen display of all relevant temperatures including:
    1. All barrel heating zones.
    2. Hydraulic oil temperature.
  • 7 day/24 hour pre-heat schedule

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  • Full on board computer control
  • Touch screen for data entry
  • Self diagnostic function monitoring
  • Monitor and alarm signal
  • Cushion deviation
  • Changeover position variation
  • Pre-set counter for production monitoring
  • Wired to power supply
  • Star delta motor (for medium and large machines)
  • Alarm for abnormal conditions.

For a complete listing of the specification, options, terms of conditions, please request a quote from us. In the event there are discrepancies with the information given here, the terms and conditions of the quotation will govern.


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